• WindSurf - SUP Center, Avis Beach, Santorini Greece


Surfing is an adventurous sport and we take safety very seriously

The Nemely Windsurf & SUP surf center has a dedicated security team who watches windsurfers during opening hours and is able to act immediately in case of emergency. The security team is always in the water and it is ready to help by jetski. However, we would like to emphasize that every windsurfer should act with due care to prevent dangerous situations. You should evaluate your abilities before deciding on an action.

At Nemely Windsurf & SUP surf center we are responsible for assessing the safety risks that windsurfers should have and reassessing these risks at regular intervals.

Windsurfers should following the information of the Nemely Windsurf & SUP surf center as well as safety advice.

Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by their parents to have access to some of the activities of the Nemely Center.


If you feel safe when you surf, you will surf better and learn faster
Safety is first!

Whether you’ve never tried windsurfing before or are confidently shredding waves, our windsurfing center welcomes anyone and everyone in Avis Beach, Santorini, Greece