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Sunset Private Cruises

Up to 10 Persons Sunset Private Cruises
Departure from Vlychada

Our Sunset Private Cruises are 6-hour sailing tours in the Caldera’s deep blue waters surrounded by the distinctive volcanic scenery. Let us guide you in a sailing trip where you can enjoy our island’s tastes, colors and history.

Swim in private small coves below the cliffs, explore the volcanic seabed using the snorkeling equipment we provide and bask in the sun on the deck of our yacht.

Dinner just for you using products from the Cyclades. Choose from a variety of local wines and feel the quality and their unique character.


  • Santorini Salad with cherry tomatoes, fava beans, peas, Santorini cucumber (katsouni), capers and fresh goat’s cheese (chloro)
  • Tart with beetroot and goat’s cheese
  • Fava beans with Santorini cherry tomatoes
  • Octopus Carpaccio with spaghetti aliolo pepperoncini
  • Spaghetti with shrimps
  • Special Dessert



  • Santorini 2015 (Vassaltis Winery), Assyrtiko
    Characteristics: Shiny gold colour, and elegant complex nose aromas, such as green apple, peach, flint. Strict mineral character with oily hints and salty after taste.
  • Santorini 2015 (Gavalas Winery), Assyrtiko
    Characteristics: Delicate aromas of fruit – pear, lemon and pineapple- are present. On the palate, the wine is smooth, rich, fruity and full- bodied. It has a balanced acidity and long aftertaste.
  • Dolphins Santorini (Avantis Estate), Assyrtiko, Aging 4-6 years
    Characteristics: Citrus fruits aromas lemon, lime, peach and hints of apricot framed by briny minerality. The palate is full with dense structure, aromatic intensity of lemon blossom, briny flavor, and sharp acidity that acts refreshingly.
  • Nikteri 2012, PDO Santorini, Assyrtiko 100%
    Characteristics: Yellow golden colour. Aromas of ripe stone fruits, oriental spices and minerality. Great structure with an excellent balance of acidity and tannins. Long aftertaste.


  • Anaggalis 2015 (Venetsanos Winery), Semi- dry, PGI Cyclades, Mandilaria – Aidani – Assyrtiko
    Characteristics: Pomegranate aromas with district hints of rose and wild strawberry and cherry. Discreet sweetness, balancing perfectly with the refreshing acidity. There is a slight sense of carbon dioxide that makes the wine vivid and edgy. Delicate tannins are distinctively present. Fruity and lasting finish.
  • Avantis Rose, Evia PGI, Grenache rouge 50% – Syrah 50%, Aging 2 years
    Characteristics: Bright deep rose colour, pronounced nose intensity of strawberry, sour cherry and pomegranate aroma. On the palate is fruity with aromas of red fruit, candy, caramel, full body and well balanced acidity. Long pleasant finish.


  • Mavrotragano 2013 (Hatzidakis Winery), PGI Cyclades, Mavrotragano 100%
    Characteristics: intense red colour with bright hues. Red forest fruit aromas, bitter chocolate, tobacco and minerality. A mascular palate with a tannic character and long aftertaste.
  • Mavrotragano- Mandilaria 2014 (Sigalas Winery), Mavrotragano 60%- Mandilaria 40%
    Characteristics: Deep crimson colour, refreshing scent of red fruit, a bouquet of finely blended aromas, tannins and acidity.

Sunset Private Cruises Benefits

  • Transfer from and to your hotel
  • Safety equipment
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Fresh towels
  • Dinner prepared by Seaside Restaurant
  • Refreshments, beer and local wines


Whether you’ve never tried windsurfing before or are confidently shredding waves, our windsurfing center welcomes anyone and everyone in Avis Beach, Santorini, Greece


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